Blah Blahs

I wait for the day when you break the habit and you’re clean. 

If it doesn’t happen, then I have no more ways of persuading you, I only have one thing left to make you see.


The coldest blood runs through my veins. You know my name.

At the end of the ring, came your tone. What was it with your tone? It was different. The tone. The mood. It was unfamiliar. A “whaddya want” attitude. Not one to take comfort in. It scared me, took me off-guard as I ran away from the receiver. I didn’t want anything. Just some time to shoot the breeze. Gun in your palm.

Jesus Suckles

Mary, your great

white apples make me glad.

I feel your heart work its

machine and I doze like a fly.

I cough like a bird on its worm.

I’m a jelly-baby and you’re my wife.

You’re a rock and I the fringy algae.

You’re a lily and I’m the bee that gets inside.

I close my eyes and suck you in like a fire.

I grow. I grow. I’m fattening out.

I’m a kid in a rowboat and you’re the sea,

the salt, you’re every fish of importance.

No. No.

All lies.

I am small

and you hold me.

You give me milk

and we are the same

and I am glad.

No. No.

All lies.

I am a truck. I run everything.

I own you.

-Anne Sexton

   The Book of Folly 1972

It was a very simple 35mm camera, one I used on many other films, so I do not consider it a theft. For me, it was truly a necessity. I wanted to make films and needed a camera. I had some sort of natural right to this tool. If you need air to breathe, and you are locked in a room, you have to take a chisel and hammer and break down a wall. It is your absolute right.
Werner Herzog. A true artist. 

You spoke as if I wasn’t even there.

She just might achieve it.

She just might achieve it.

Well, it’s a shock, SHOCK.
To your soft side.
Summer moon.
Catch your shuteye.
In my room, In your room.
In my room, in your room.


What’s the time? What’s the day?
Don’t leave me.
What’s the time What’s the place?
Go on and leave me.
What’s the time? What’s the day?
Go on and leave me.
What’s the time? What’s the place?
Leave me out.
Leave me out.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 
How To Start A War.

Keep a collection of glass figurines

All lined in rows. Don’t let it shatter.

Get someone that you have always known

and see how quick they are

to stay a while.

Plead them to stay, to stay for just a while.

You don’t want to see them go.

But cracks rise like branches in autumnal trees

stripped of leaves.

Cracks rise in your glass figurines.  

Patience is a virtue. Until its silence burns you.
TV On The Radio